Production processes

Our company has its own production workshop. Here is a brief introduction to our production process.


Make soles.

生产2 鞋底刷胶.jpgApply glue to the side of the sole.

生产3 带面刷胶.jpgThe upper should also be glued.(The upper here has been made in advance according to the customer's logo printing requirements.)

生产4 过烤箱.jpgThe glued sole and upper are baked together in the oven.

After the oven, soles and uppers must be glued again.Then apply the glued soles and uppers again to the oven.This step is important. 

生产5 贴带面.jpgThe sole and upper are glued together.


生产6 过压机1.jpg

Press more firmly by the machine.

生产7 塞珍珠棉,挂吊牌,挂挂钩.jpg

The finished upper is stuffed with pearl cotton. If you also need custom tags and hooks, put them together at this time too.

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